Ed is commissioned to make a documentary intending to change those habits of society that are harmful to animals. But completely alien to the animal protection movement; he will realize that to carry out the project, he must first convince himself.

The process of documenting the film and Ed’s interactions with Jenny, a collaborator of FAADA (the animal foundation that commissioned the film) will serve to contrast his doubts and look for answers on how to live in a manner that is more responsible towards animals.

A series of new precepts that will affect the way he eats, dresses, consumes and even spends his free time. These new behaviors will make him clash with his immediate surroundings: family, friends and workmates.

To overcome this, Ed will use the experience of 5 people who have adopted this lifestyle and ask for the opinion of several experts on the issue.

EMPATHY is a project that will forever change his lifestyle, or perhaps not.


In this project I am the pretext, the unifying thread. It’s not a documentary about me but about what could be anyone’s approach to an issue such as veganism. For this purpose, I show my personal experience to introduce the viewer to the complex relationship between humans and animals. 

Doubts are agents of change and I need to question everything constantly. I believe that if the world asked itself more questions, this would be a better place.

I consider diversity of opinions is a great wealth for our society. Thus, through Empathy I want to contribute to this diversity: shaking awareness and providing points of view that make people reconsider their habits.

I could not bear to live reality without it being filtered by a sense of humor or being fragmented into audiovisual stories which to put background music to.

Although my relationship with the animal world has been limited to occasionally petting a dog I run into in the street and the endless struggles against mosquitoes on summer evenings, I consider myself an advocate of nature… One of this people who believe that human beings  are one more animal species and that neither language nor the spiritual or creative capacities of man make us superior to other animals.

However, I don’t mind eating them. At least I didn’t mind before embarking on this project…

Despite depicting the graphic situation faced by many animals, the documentary aims to maintain a clean, well-presented look in which bright shots and soft tones prevail on the picture. More than showing explicit images, the documentary means to provide information and give key aspects to making people reflect on their relationship with non-human animals.

Even if many visual excerpts of Ed’s life and thoughts are shown, the intention is not to make a documentary about him, but rather about this particular approximation to animal protection that could be experienced by anyone who is unknown to this life philosophy.