La Diferencia, the commercial brand of Mc Guffin Estudio Audiovisual, S.L., is a production company located in Barcelona, Spain, dedicated since 2003 to advertisement, TV projects and documentaries. It is a member of the Association of Audio-visual Producers of Catalonia (PAC) since 2006.

The documentary “Alzheimer. Un reto al cariño” is among the company’s best known projects; produced in 2001, it remains a landmark project in the field of the Alzheimer disease. La Diferencia has recently launched the web series “Madres”, the shorts “TRENDY” and “Cuina de Despatx”. In 2013, the production company served the role of associate producer on the film “Simone”, directed by Juan Zapata, which went on to win the Instituto Estatal de Cine (State Cinema Institute) prize from the Río Grande do Sul State in Brazil.

It is currently producing the documentary “When a dream comes true” in co-production with Friday’s Films located in San Francisco.