'Faltal accident during a correbous in l’Ampolla

Faltal accident during a correbous in l’Ampolla

This very morning, while the crew was getting ready for filming, a resident of L’Ampolla died after being fatally hit by a bull in the city of l’Ampolla located in the Tarragona province of Catalonia, Spain.

The news was in development just as the crew of EMPATHY was about to shoot the correbous “spectacle” in l’Ampolla to be later included in the documentary. The purpose would have been to use these images to show how bulls and other animals are abused during local Spanish festivals across the country that can cause fatal consequences like this one.

In the meantime, the local government of l’Ampolla decided to cancel all remaining events of Saint John festivities involving animals or correbous “bulls in the street” activities in the city.

EMPATHY, the documentary by FAADA and La Diferencia, is currently in production and filming is underway for the rest of the summer.

'Moving Forward!

Moving Forward!

Thanks to you, the launch of the teaser trailer for EMPAHTY has been a success!

In just over weeks, the teaser has been viewed over 370,000 times on Facebook, reaching over a million viewers with more than 10,750 shares.

Play count has reached over 3,000 plays on Twitter and Vimeo.

We are very happy for the success of the online circulation of this project, as well as the amount of people who have joined the cause. Hopefully we’ll keep inspiring you with the work we’re putting together to create the final version of the documentary.

We’ll keep working to make you empathize with the animals as we continue on this project.

'New Teaser Just Released!

New Teaser Just Released!

After long working hours we are very pleased to release the first teaser trailer of EMPATHY.

A documentary born upon the desire of putting to test if our society is taking the right steps to save the lives of all animal species and, furthermore, expand on the relationship between humans other living beings.

The project will be finished next fall, it combines fiction, advertisement and documentary style. For now, the teaser will give you a taste of what’s to come.

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